There will be a team of volunteers dedicated solely to thinking about accessibility for all summit participants. These folks will be introduced on the first day and will be present and visible at registration and all summit events. Do not hesitate to reach out to us before the conference if you have any questions or concerns about accessibility by emailing Additionally, feel free to make your needs known to any of the volunteers, organizers, or summit advisors at any point during the conference. Below you will find information about:

  • Accessible Entrance & Ramp Access

  • Room Accessibility

  • Elevators

  • Restrooms

  • Language Access

  • Food Accessibility


The 2019 PGM ONE Summit will be held at International House on 37th and Chestnut.

International House was designed and built between 1960 and 1970, before accessibility considerations were a standard part of building design. Due to its age, the building is not held to full ADA compliance standards and is not fully accessible to people with partial physical mobility.


There is a entrance ramp on the west side of the building, closest to 37th street. You cannot access the ramp from 37th street due to a short flight of stairs into International House’s courtyard. Do not enter the building at the front doors - there are stairs between the building lobby and the galleria where registration will be set up.

Directions from the east: approaching from 37th street: enter at the main entrance just past 37th street (it will be on your right). Once INSIDE the courtyard turn right (towards 37th), you will pass a set of bike racks and the ramp will then be on your left.  

Directions from the west: approaching from 38th street: enter at the main entrance just before 37th street (it will be on your left). Once INSIDE the courtyard turn right (towards 37th), you will pass a set of bike racks and the ramp will then be on your left.  

The ramp leads to both a standard door entrance and a revolving door, once inside there is a ramp that will lead you to the East Alcove. Use the ramp into the East Alcove to access the Theater and West Alcove.


PGM ONE will take place on the first floor, second floor, and the basement of International House. The rooms include:

  • First Floor Rooms: Ibrahim Theater, Galleria, & East Alcove (all wheelchair accessible)

  • Second Floor Rooms:

    • South America & North America Breakout Rooms (all wheelchair accessible)

    • Africa, Asia, Europe Breakout Rooms, Australia Lounge, and Restrooms (not wheelchair accessible)

  • Basement: Restrooms (wheelchair accessible)

Registration, meals, and hot drinks will be set up in the Galleria, East Alcove, and Theater. Breakout sessions will take place on the second floor, in the theater, and in nearby outdoor spaces. The opening reception, keynote talks, and plenary panel will take place in the Theater. Various ongoing activities and rest areas will be set up in the Galleria and Australia lounge.

All first floor activities will be wheelchair accessible. The front row seating area of the Ibrahim Theater will be reserved for folx with partial physical mobility and specific accessibility needs.

There are 5 breakout session rooms on the second floor of International House, North America and South America are the 2 rooms accessible from the elevators. Short flights of stairs render Europe, Africa, Asia, the Australia Lounge, and the second floor restrooms inaccessible to folks who use wheelchairs as their main form of mobility.

To get to the North America and South America rooms: When you exit the elevators, there will be stairs off either side of the corridor, continue past the stairs and turn right.

We will have access to two balconies during the summit. One is accessible from South America and the other from the theatre. Both have small ledges from the door frames. If desired, accessibility team volunteers will be excited to help you on and off the balconies.


There are two sets of elevators off the Galleria on the first floor. The west elevators, at the far end of the galleria, are only accessible by a short flight of stairs. The east elevators can be accessed from the Galleria. Coming from the ramp entrance, the east elevators are between the West Alcove and East Alcove stairs, on the right.

Use the east elevators to access the restrooms on the basement level and the second floor rooms.  


There will be signs to direct folks to restrooms and labeled venue maps available.


The restrooms located on the basement level of International House are accessible by the east elevators, and are the only restrooms accessible to folks who use wheelchairs as their main form of mobility. As previously stated, the second floor restrooms are inaccessible to folks who use wheelchairs as their main form of mobility.

To access the wheelchair accessible restrooms, take the east elevators to the basement level. Turning left or right (depending on the elevator you have taken) when you exit the elevator, you will see a wall of mailboxes. When you reach the mailboxes there will be hallways leading to the left and right - both lead to restrooms.


For the full duration of the PGM ONE Summit, the 2nd floor restrooms of the International House will be made gender neutral. While restroom signage will be changed to reflect this, the restrooms will still vary in facilities based on the gender binary - this means there will be urinals in some restrooms and menstrual product dispensers in others. There will be signage on the basement level restrooms as well that invites folx to use the restroom they prefer. We encourage all summit participants to use any of the restrooms they wish to use.

International House is a satellite residence hall of the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn). There will be UPenn students living and studying at IHP while PGM ONE will be using the venue space. There are study rooms on the second floor of International house and students may continue to use those restrooms in the manner they are accustomed. If you encounter any hostility or aggression while using a restroom, do not hesitate to inform a volunteer or summit organizer.


PGM ONE organizers are currently arranging for an ASL interpreter to be present for the duration of the Summit. During all sessions, we are requesting that presenters implement a 1 minute break for every 20 minutes of talking to support folks whose primary language is not English. If you need more time or are having trouble following conversations in sessions, please do not hesitate to let the presenter or a volunteer know.

FOOD Accessibility

Our caterers have put together a highly inclusive menu to meet the dietary needs and preference of summit participants. At each meal served at International House, there will be a separate table specifically for folks who have indicated on their registration that they have a severe food-triggered allergy and cannot have food that is cross-contaminated. A volunteer will be present at said table to ensure the food is reached by those it is intended for. If you have any questions about the food, the caterer, or you have a significant food-triggered allergy we need to account for please email We will make sure to have meals for you at the Summit if you let us know about your significant food-triggered allergies by April, 30. If you have a severe food-triggered allergy, please make sure to have your EpiPen with you at all times. We will not have any onsite.

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