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A message to White folks on supporting PGM ONE

“That’s the work we white folks have to do; we have to be able to understand and process (rather than ignore) our feelings without creating undue burden on people of color.” 
— Ava Holliday, Co-Founder of The Avarna Group

Every year we get many inquiries about whether or not White folks can attend PGM ONE. PGM ONE is an affinity space for people of color/of the global majority, which means that it is not appropriate for people who identify as White to attend. Not being able to attend might make folks feel uncomfortable, and yet respecting this space is a huge way in which White folks can support racial equity work in the environmental movement. White people and people of color have work to do together, and work to do apart.

Our friend Ava Holliday—co-founder of the Avarna Group—takes on this topic in this message to White folks about how they can support PGM ONE.

For a list of specific ways to support the summit, please click here.

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