Block 1: Wednesday Morning Field Trips & Affinity Groups

Engineering A Solution: The History of Philadelphia's Water Supply!

Speakers: Karen Young, Bria Wimberly, & Tarsha Scovens

Time & Location: 9:00AM-1:00PM @ Meet in Lobby

Participants will experience the history, vibrance and connection of Philadelphia’s Schuylkill River, the primary source of the City’s drinking water. Our journey will begin with a scenic walk along the Schuylkill River Trail, and an exploration of the beautiful grounds of the historic Fairmount Water Works. During the walk, educators, Tarsha Scovens and Bria Wimberly, will offer historical references of Philadelphia’s water source, and the people who used, managed and cared for our precious resource. Attendees are invited inside the Interpretive Center to discover “what’s in the river” through a hands-on water sampling activity, and a behind the scenes look at our latest exhibition, Rivers Restoration Project: A Freshwater Mussel Hatchery @FWW. This field trip experience is perfect for visitors to Philadelphia, outdoor enthusiasts and/or those seeking a deeper knowledge of water supply systems.

Silent Storytellers: This Looks Like a Nicetown

Speakers: Karen Young, Bria Wimberly, & Tarsha Scovens

Time & Location: 9:00AM-1:00PM @ Meet in Lobby

Nature and Forest Therapy: Culture Repair through Connecting to the More Than Human World

QT2SBIPOC Family Affinity Group

Multiracial w. White Identities Affinity Group

Asian & Pacific Islander Affinity Group

Native/Indigenous Affinity Group

Block 2: Wednesday Afternoon Field Trips & Affinity Groups

Connections in Tacony Creek Park: Historical, Personal, and Communal

Practicing Embodiment to Support Self and Community Work @ John Heinz Wildlife Refuge

Latinx Affinity Group

Body Positive Affinity Group

Black & African Diaspora Affinity Group

Dis/ability Affinity Group

And All Abilities: A Deeper Look at Disability in the Outdoors

Speakers: Vasu Sojitra, Kareemah Batts, Teresa Nguyen, & Melissa Ruiz

Time & Location: 9:00AM-10:00 AM @ Ibrahim Theater

The "And All Abilities" session will highlight the existence of people with disabilities in movements that unconditionally neglect and forget us. This will be facilitated by a panel/ round table discussion attended by at most 5 folxs of color with disabilities including myself. We will be questioning and discussion the challenges we face as well as what the population without disabilities can aid in making our lives barrier free.